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Information on age, stage, chemotherapy regimen, surgical intervention, relapse, and survival. All patients had their histologic material initially read or reviewed at memorial sloan–kettering cancer center prior to treatment. The original slides were reviewed again by one of the authors (p. E. S. ) to confirm the diagnosis of primary fallopian tube cancer. Results. The mean age of the patients was 63 years (range, 44–76). Distribution by stage was as follows: four patients (17%) were stage i, three patients (12%) were stage ii, 16 patients (67%) were stage iii, one patient (4%) was stage iv. Four patients had grade 2 tumors, 20 had grade 3. Sixteen patients (67%) had optimal cytoreduction at the time of initial surgery with residual disease less than 1 cm. Eight patients (33%) had suboptimal cytoreduction. Following initial surgery, all patients were treated with paclitaxel-based chemotherapy for a median of five cycles. Twenty-three patients received paclitaxel at the dose of 135–175 mg/m2 in combination with carboplatin or cisplatin; the majority, 17 of 23 (74%), received carboplatin. viagra online viagra online cheap viagra generic viagra online buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra online viagra online cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra One patient received paclitaxel alone. Median follow-up from time of initial surgery was 24 months (range, 1–73 months). Two patients are dead of disease. Overall survival for the entire group was 96% at 12 months by kaplan–meier analysis, and 90% at 3 years. The overall median progression-free survival was 27 months (range, 5–57 months) for the entire group. The median disease progression-free survival at 3 years was 67% (95% ci, 45–100) in the optimally debulked group as compared with 45% in the suboptimally debulked group (95% ci, 27–57). Twelve patients (50%) had evidence of recurrence or persistent disease. There were fewer recurrences in the optimally debulked group: 5 of the 16 patients (31%) versus 7 of the 8 patients (88%) with suboptimal cytoreduction. Conclusion. Optimally cytoreduced patients with primary fallopian tube carcinoma treated with a paclitaxel-based chemotherapy regimen have an excellent possibility of survival. There are no figures or tables for this document. 1 to whom correspondence should be addressed. Fax: (212) 717-3214. Copyright © 2001 academic press. A.

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