Project Facts







Mogadishu City, Somalia

Hayle Baris

Mogadishu City, Somalia 2016-17

New build project

The training centre for welding and electricians and solar technical workshop in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The Solar excellency centre is located in North West region of Mogadishu city, originally this compound have been built in 80’s by German government for training Somali workers on welding, late machines, carpentry and masonry technicians. During the civil war the building was neglected and equipment’s has been taken away, subsequently all operations stopped.

The compound name is known as Hayle Barise, which had classes for teary studies and technical rooms for on hand practical studies, all this compound needed renovation funds and ne additional building for additional activities.

The funding come from EU and I been asked to visit the site which is located in very not safe place in Mogadishu city, under heavy security I visited and seen the existing building and new site location for new building.

The design took to the account 6 sections of this new build project, carpentry and welding training section, Solar technology section, reception, cafeteria and management section and outside open-air classes for students to take part in building exercises, in addition the outside space accommodated open-air stadium for football and basketball playing ground with seating’s, Mosque for praying men and women.

The building also had landscaped area, security blocks, water tower and car-paring, all in all we delivered a very well thought through building that fits for the requirement and gives people of Mogadishu an important infrastructure building facility.