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Wajid, Somalia

Market in Wajid

Wajid, Somalia 2016

Design for meat and vegetable market in Wajid town, in Bakool region of south west Somalia. The building is built on existing site where previously was old meat market built during ex-president ruling Siyad Barre, the market completely damaged by conflict and was beyond repair.

The new markets is designed as a single story building and to house vegetable and meat sections including management, staff rooms, storage, wash facilities, refrigeration room and shops facing the street. Externally the market has front public entrance with car parking and tree planting, the rear of the market it is the lorry parking and loading bays for goods into the market also with planting and landscape. On one side the market has main street which we allocated shops.

We have used ventilated blocks which provide natural ventilation into the building, this gave the facades distinct character and strong architectural features.

The market now is completed and operational, it was opened by government officials with ceremony etc.

We are very proud in to sea and build a well over due building and very important infrastructure, we are happy to help and assist people of Wajid town with so long awaited building that provided decent market that people could do a business.