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Agadir City, Morocco

Mendeza Mansion

Agadir City, Morocco, 2007

In  2007  I  designed  a  very  spacious  7  bedroom  mansion  for  a large family  in  a  suburb  of  Agadir City, Morocco.  

The  brief  was  to  design  a  contemporary  two storey  house  with  a roof  terrace,  a  security  block,  two open  garage  spaces,  a  backup generator,  storage  areas  and  bin  stores. The  mansion  also  has  a garage  for  three  cars,  large  open  terraces,  a  swimming  pool,  a pool house,  a  water  feature  and a modern  exterior  landscaped  area  that can  be  used  for  parties,  entertaining,  etc.  The mansion also has an outdoor five-a-side pitch and a tennis court.

This  was  a  very complex  and  challenging  project  as  the brief  was  not  simple.  

The result was a modern mansion that fulfilled the clients brief and criteria. We  gave  considerable thought  to  climate  issues  and,  as  a result,  provided  lots  of  shaded  areas  around  the  mansion.  We included Semi-recessed terraces, large canopies over the windows and pergolas. For  the  garden  areas we  incorporated  lush  exotic planting  which  included  palms,  bamboos,  trees, shrubs  and  flower beds. We  also  designed  tall  ornamental  vases  for  the  garden,  sympathetic  to  the  local  style,  as  well  as large  areas  of  soft  and  hard  landscaping.  The main  entrance  security  gate  has  a  remotely controlled  opening  system and  an  external  entry  phone for  visitors.  

We  also  carefully  considered  the  vernacular  architecture  of the  region and  designed  the  mansion  to reflect  this.  The  result  is  a  building sympathetic  to the  local  Arabic  style  while incorporating contemporary  elements  in  the  overall  design.