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Yeroskipou, Cyprus

Hampton Cottage

Yeroskipou, Cyprus - 2008

A  Planning  application  for  a  two  bedroom  family  cottage,  located in  the  small  town  of  Yeroskipou in  the  south  of  Cyprus.  The  Cottage  was originally  designed as  a  timber construction,  although  the client  preferred  a masonry  and  white  render  that  is  widely  used  in  the  region. The  internal  layout of  the  cottage  consisted  of  2  bedrooms  with  en-suites,  family  bathroom,  storage,  kitchen  with breakfast  area  and  large  living/dinning  space,  with  floor  to ceiling  glazing  that  provided  plenty  of light  and  panoramic views.    

 The  development  site  is  on  a  narrow  plot  of  land  with  the  cottage positioned  to  take advantage  of the  plot  by  using  the  front  of  the  house  for 2  car-parking spaces  and  a landscaped  area.  The  rear garden  includes  a  round shaped  summer  house and  computer games  room.  The  summer  house  has tinted  glazing  and  an  extended  cantilevered  canopy. The  landscaping  consists of  native  trees  and shrubs  to  provide  the  cottage  with  a  welcoming view and  allow  the  cottage  to  blend  with  the  local landscape.  

The  security  wall  surrounding  the  plot  of  the  cottage,  including  cast-iron railings is providing security  while  the  height  of  the  wall  does  not  obstruct views. All  components  of  the  cottage, including  the  metal  security  gate  with glazed  insets,  which  provides a  modern  entrance have  been very  carefully  designed  and  thoughtfully  thought  through.